Miley Cyrus topless on magazine cover

American singer Miley Cyrus shot an editorial for “Interview” magazine, which chose her topless photo for the cover.

Miley Cyrus herself shared this photo on her Instagram and received 1.5 million likes.

In the interview, she talked about how she found a rock star in herself and how she reached the “ultimate version of herself” from Hannah Montana in 2007, today, at the age of 28. The interview with her was conducted by Lars Ulrich, the drummer of “Metallica”.

She also shared another photo from this shoot, in which followers commented “she is just being herself”. The photo with her backside in the foreground received even more likes – more than two million.

In the interview, she also talked about how she carries two notebooks with her, wherever she goes. In one of them are written all her “truths, values, her goal, her potential, possibilities, obligations towards others and towards herself”.

“I’m constantly writing in that notebook. I recently wrote down something wise that I heard. Something about how important the lyrics are in the song to connect the audience with the song. It’s all in the words, When I think of the song ‘Nothing Else Matters’ I know it’s completely contains everything that my value system is. ”

To spice things up, she also shared a video.

“Life is like a candy box, you never know what you’re going to get. Especially when you put me on my farm in Nashville,” Miley Cyrus wrote.

Miley Cyrus is currently performing at rock festivals. She recalled in an interview that Marilyn Monroe once performed in front of the soldiers, comparing everything to years of pandemic and isolation.

“She could convey that good energy to them because she was isolated from their experience. She was a breath of fresh air. In this case, pandemics and isolation, we are all soldiers, but we (the stars) were somehow protected in our homes and isolation and we do not have the same experience as the majority of the population, ” the “Wreaking Ball” singer noted.


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