Minecraft 1.19 is close to its final version

Minecraft 1.19 is close to its final version

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

Yesterday, on May 23, Mojang released a new pre-release of Minecraft 1.19, the second, however, there has been an unexpected change. By adjusting the illumination levels in which hostile monsters can be formed in the underworld, which will now occur more frequently.

The corporation has already mentioned a future adjustment for this change, but they also estimate that it will not occur until 1.19, confirming that we are nearing its launch.

In terms of the remainder, both versions add modest adjustments, no substantial changes, and nothing noteworthy considering the stage of the development cycle.

In other words, it appears like the month of June has been emphasized in the Mojang calendar for some time now with a red circle, inside which we can read Minecraft 1.19.

With the release of snapshot 22w11a, the first of Minecraft 1.19 to leave the experimental category, in the middle of March, We decided to get our feet wet and bet that the release, given the rate of development, would happen in June.

A few weeks later, at the beginning of April, We offered June as the launch month once more, albeit the end of May was beginning to look like a viable, albeit rather tight, possibility. And now, seven days before the end of the month, Minecraft 1.19 could be ahead of our projection, but by a very little margin.

However, Mojang did a wise thing by not committing to dates until they were completely locked down.

Without the pressure of having to release it on, say, May 31, they may go through the complete pre-release and release-candidate testing process, ensuring that the release reaches users in the best possible condition.

That being said, and barring any surprises, We believe Minecraft 1.19 will be released between the first and second weeks of June, and, of course, within the first two weeks of the month.