Mistery of Baldwin’s cell phone

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Alec Baldwin has yet to hand over his cell phone to police after a New Mexico court issued a warrant nearly a month ago that he must do so. Investigators want the cell phone because they believe it contains data on key conversations related to what happened after he shot Halyna Hutchins with a gun on October 21 last year while filming the movie ‘Rust’.

In a video he posted on Instagram on Saturday, Baldwin said he was seeking to establish the truth of what happened on the set, adding that he was cooperating fully with investigators. However, on Thursday he was filmed talking on the same cell phone while he was walking the streets of New York. Earlier in the interview, he said he did not feel responsible for Hutchins’ death and that he did not pull the trigger.

At the request of the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, the court requested access to messages between Baldwin and an unknown person. The warrant was issued in New Mexico where the murder took place after Baldwin accidentally killed a camerawoman while they were filming a scene, not knowing there were real bullets in the gun. The actor also wounded director Joel Souza.

“The trigger was not withdrawn, I did not withdraw it. I could never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger, never, ” swears Alec, but some social media users think that’s unlikely, and not true.

“Someone put a real bullet in the gun, a bullet that shouldn’t have been there at all,” the actor told ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos. It has not yet been explained how and why the real bullet was found in the gun on the film set.

It was revealed that the bullet that killed Hutchins could be a homemade bullet used by the gunsmith in a previous shoot, where with such bullets they taught actors how to shoot.

“Everyone who worked with her loved her, they loved her and admired her. Even now, it’s hard for me to believe, it doesn’t seem possible to me what happened, ” said Alec. When a journalist asked him if this was the worst thing that had ever happened to him, the actor replied: “Yes, yes, yes”.

Recall, a few years ago, Baldwin performed a not at all flattering imitation of Trump on the Saturday Night Live show, which went viral.
“He imitated me for years, I thought he was terrible at it, there are other people who do it much better,” Trump said, referring to Baldwin’s statement that he did not pull the trigger but fired the gun himself.
He’s always in trouble. I mean, he takes a gun that he said he didn’t pull the trigger, and then the experts said that it was not possible for that particular gun to do that” the former president pointed out.
“He continued to point a gun at this woman and it happened that he fired, and she was not even an actor, so it is not that she was part of the scene. Did he do it on purpose? I don’t know, I mean, you tell me” he continued. Leader Candace Owens got involved and pointed out that Baldwin is not stable, which Trump agreed with.

“Definitely not, he is definitely not a stable person – he is actually a lunatic,” Trump added.
Witnesses are being questioned and the investigation is ongoing, and the actor’s eldest daughter, Ireland Baldwin, revealed that she has constantly been receiving threatening messages on social networks, both because of the incident itself and because she stood in her father’s defense.





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