Monica Bellucci disappointed her fans!

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Monica Bellucci may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she, like many, has her insecurities. However, she tried to solve them with filters and Photoshop.

A woman adored by millions because she is dignifiedly aging and looks fantastic knelt before a trend that came to life on the networks. She treated her face beyond recognition and in the new photos, it is as if we are looking at 30-year-old Monica and not an actress in her sixth decade. Namely, the actress shared photos from the awards ceremony on her Instagram. Many were more than embarrassed to see the unnaturally ironed face of one of the most beautiful women in the world. You can’t help not to wonder where did disappear Monica that once said that when she gets older, she will stop looking in the mirror, and she will look at her children.

‘Your photos don’t need filters. You are beautiful even without them ‘. ‘You’re so beautiful, there’s no need to tidy up your face in apps’, ‘We know what it looks like, who’s lying, ‘Why so much Photoshop’, ‘Why are you doing this to yourself … why filters’, are just some of the comments below the post.

Many said that she succumbed to the ‘unrealistic trend promoted by girls who have nothing else to offer’.All of this would not have been so strange if Monica had not said in numerous interviews that she ‘finds wrinkles extremely charming’.

‘I look at myself with compassion. I find wrinkles charming. When I see a mature woman who hasn’t corrected herself, I don’t think she should do it, but I think she looks really cute. But plastic surgery exists, and if it makes you happy, why not? ‘ She told AFP a few years ago.

‘As Oscar Wilde said, beauty only lasts five minutes if you have nothing to keep curiosity about. I don’t think I would have such career success if I was just beautiful. Your beauty is in vain if you are stupid ‘, said Monica in an interview for The Talks magazine, so many are wondering why she made such a mistake.





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