Must watch: Kendall vs cucumber!

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Social networks have been filled with numerous comments after a video was released in which Kendall Jenner cuts a cucumber. It was quite funny to watch this 26-year-old model in her attempt to cut cucumber because she really doesn’t know how to use a knife to go through those vegetables and slice them.

The video is an excerpt from the family show ‘The Kardashians’, which is broadcast on the Hulu network, and it is not known why half-sister Kim Kardashian decided to demonstrate her ‘culinary skills’ in front of the cameras.

In the last episode, Kendall came to her mother’s villa in Calabasas and realized she was hungry so she wanted to make herself something to snack on. She rejected her mother’s suggestion that the chef make her something to eat and concluded that she could prepare a meal for herself because cutting a cucumber was ‘not difficult’. But, as it turned out, this was not easy for her.

Seeing daughter struggling, Chris asked the chef, ‘Will you slice this for her?’.

The video provoked numerous comments:‘An hour ago, I watched Kendall Jenner try to slice a cucumber. I feel a little superior, but mostly poor.’, ‘I’m obsessed with Kendall Jenner’s attempt to prove she’s not a spoiled rich woman who almost ended up dislocating her shoulder trying to slice a cucumber.’, ‘Watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber was one of the most painful things of my life.’, ‘This is the most tragic thing I’ve ever witnessed.’...

Recall, Kris Jenner  (66) wants more grandchildren. It seems that ten of them are not enough for her. The famous family has come together to promote the new series ‘The Kardashian’, and Kris’s only childless daughter, Kendall Jenner  (26), has revealed that her mother is putting pressure on her to start a family. Namely, Kendall is the only one in the family that does not have a child yet, so Kris is constantly questioning her when she finally plans to become a mother.

‘That’s one hundred percent something my mother would ask me. She puts the most pressure on me. She will just suddenly send me a message and say ‘I think it’s time’, to which I’ll reply ‘Don’t I decide this?’ ‘ Kendall complained in a video interview. After this cucumber adventure, we are not sure that is a good idea.





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