Mustang Mach 1, sports car from Ford

Mustang Mach 1, sports car from Ford

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

Analyzed modelFord Mustang
Engine Mach 1 automatic 5.0 V8
Power460 hp
Maximum speed249km/h
Acceleration o-1004.4s
Long wide high4797/1916/1382mm
Max Power RPM 460 hp 7,250 rpm
Max torque Nm/RPM529Nm
GearboxAutomatic 10 speed

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a version of the American manufacturer's sports automobile that features cosmetic alterations but, more crucially, a redesigned propeller that adds 10 horsepower. It also offers suspension and steering changes to make the vehicle more stable and dynamic.

The bodywork of the Ford Mustang Mach 1 is similar to that of the Mustang GT, but with very noticeable and stunning alterations that do not go ignored.

The first is found in the preceding grille, but with a distinct design that features two circular pieces on either side of the obligatory silver horse symbol. The black spoiler protrudes a little more than in the GT model further down.

The car's line is the same, but there is one alteration in the back with a wider spoiler and diffuser to improve the cornering grip.

The characteristics that most characterize this model are its emblem, which stands out on the black plastic protection that connects the rear lights and can also be found on the sides of the car between the door and the wheel arch or on the black strip that rides the hood in the style of 1970s muscle cars.

When we open the hood, we find the fantastic eight-cylinder engine and a surprise regarding the GT model. Mach 1 has a torsion bar on the engine that connects to the suspension turrets to provide strength to the chassis and, of course, sports the model name. It's an unambiguous statement of intent that makes it evident that this Mustang isn't for joking about, but rather for serious racing.

There are further upgrades beneath the hood that are hidden, such as more radiators for the oil, gearbox, and transmission. The exhaust has also been modified, reportedly making it noisier, though we haven't seen any difference, and the suspension has been stiffened. The steering has also been reconfigured to be more direct and responsive, especially at high speeds.

Inside the Mustang Mach 1, there is no information on the GT model. Excellent sports chairs for the front seats and considerable contortion abilities are required to access the rear seats, despite the big size of the doors. Inside, Ford has included elements such as the version logo on the glove box to make it clear that this is a particular and more aggressive version.

The main difference, as previously said, is in the gear change, which in the case of the model we examined is a 10-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter system.

The gauges are digital, like in the Mustang GT, and the infotainment system is based on an eight-inch screen that is positioned rather low and has an aging system (much more so than the one chosen for the electric version of the very much related Mustang).

We went out to perform a few more kilometers with this new test than with its partner in the range, and we hit the road, including occupying the back seats.

In this aspect, they were more comfortable than expected despite having used them for more than two hours on some of the rides, despite having obvious flaws like legroom or, probably most importantly, a lack of headrests.

The most notable feature, in this case, is the wrap-around design, which is fairly comfortable and, above all, useful when it comes to maintaining a curve as the driving speed increases.

Another potential disadvantage when taking longer trips is the sound of the V8, which inevitably soaks the interior of the automobile. It should also be mentioned that the outstanding audio system with the huge subwoofer in the trunk is essential for keeping the noise of the atmospheric eight-cylinder from becoming too heavy for us.

There is no news regarding the trunk; the 408 liters provide more than enough cargo room for four people's luggage and a huge aperture to introduce objects due to the trunk's generous surface.

Inside, we find the massive subwoofer that we described earlier, but it does not restrict cargo room because it is tightly secured and enclosed in a wheel arch on the side.

Ford continues its legacy with American sports cars with a model that offers numerous refinements and changes to boost the overall sportiness for a price rise.

The torsion bar, larger radiators, suspensions, and other adjustments, in addition to the 10 additional hp, make this model a car designed to travel fast even on the circuit.

It is an important consideration if we want it to be a car that not only makes us happy but also takes us for a stroll so that we may travel. Consumption is a different story, though nothing out of the ordinary for an eight-cylinder.