Need for Speed: Underground 2 – Remake

Photo Credits : Pinterest/Promo

Not just EA is attempting to modernize the tried-and-true representatives of the Need for Speed franchise. No, the guy behind the YouTube channel “2Unreal4Underground” is also working on modernizing the popular Need for Speed: Underground 2. The first video of the fan remake appears to be promising.

Need for Speed: Underground 2 from 2003 on Unreal Engine 4? That’s a great idea, and the man behind the 2Unreal4Underground YouTube channel is now working on it. The brilliant coder now exhibits the first results of his labor in a recently published video.

A blue automobile speeds through the city center for 12 minutes, performing strong power slides and cool drifts.

Patch note-like comments explain the specific modifications underneath the footage of the UE4 remake of NFS: Underground 2.


  • Turbo
  • Nitrous (not used here)
  • Earn NOS back
  • Completely new steering
  • Optimized auto transmission and clutch
  • Fixed slip ratio (no more stuttering)
  • Collision sounds and sparks
  • Suspension compression sounds
  • Engine sounds are done except for two. The analysis tool is not good enough for them.
  • Sweetener (hear da backfire)
  • Turbo, sweetener, engine, and transmission sounds are done and picked depending on the performance upgrade
  • Drastically changed driving behavior. It’s still in the making and a lot of tweaking, strongly depends on slip angle and traction, these values are changed depending on the speed to allow arcade driving behavior and nice drifts at low speed.


  • Optimized graphics for much better performance and an overall more pleasing look.
  • Optimized weather cycle
  • New textures
  • Added more missing meshes


  • Traffic node system (you cannot see but it is there)
  • More optimized camera shake
  • More optimized radial motion blur
  • Destructible environment (signs, water barrels…)
  • Music from UG1, UG2, and MW is implemented. You can also skip tracks or go a trackback
  • Whoosh sounds
  • New camera lag and rotation (lag)


  • Drift score counter + nifty messages
  • Drift zones (these blue red white striped decals) are used for additional multipliers along with speed for the drift score
  • The menu is in the making and already working partially but not shown here





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