New drama series: 'All of Us Are Dead'

New drama series: 'All of Us Are Dead'

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Korean series on point

There is nothing scarier than the pandemic that has been going around more than three years.  At least, that is what the world is saying and reporting about all the time. Korean TV shows have already caught attention of the viewers, and the first bizarre TV show was ‘Squid Game.’ It is a show about experiment done on people, they play a game together and they die while trying to reach more levels.

New dramatic series

The first show left an unbelievable impression on people around the world, and while people were watching it closely, Koreans were mixing up a new drama.  The drama is about zombies and its name is scary enough: ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ Series are available for people to watch on the Netflix platform.

The story is set in Korean high school where this epic drama starts. What happens is that the laboratory rat from the school bites a school girl. After that happened, she actually bites her classmates and that is how the drama begins. The whole city becomes flooded with zombies who are biting people all around the city.

High school as a place where it all happens is a smart move, schools are full of teenagers and teenagers are full of hormones so the story gets more exciting.

The details

In the first episode, nobody is bitten. But, when the story progresses we see that the zombies are moving fast with a huge strength and speed. It is proved that they are more resilient than ever. Teenagers are unaware of what will happen in their school and they just live a normal life. When the girl gets bitten by the rat the circumstances change. Their whole life is about to change to a disaster, and many lives will be lost.

12 episodes are included in the first season, and each episode lasts between 53 and 72 minutes. The series premiere happened on Netflix on January 28, 2022. For now, we only have the first season and it is not known whether the second season will be filmed in the future.