New Matrix more comical than originals!

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It had already been said by Jessica Henwick, another of the protagonists of ‘ Matrix Resurrections ‘, but now it is Keanu Reeves himself who suggests that in this new installment, which hits cinemas on December 22, we will see a different tone from that of the original trilogy.

Henwick, who plays a new character called Bugs, has commented that the film, directed by Lana Wachowski, seeks a “new tone” more “cheerful” than its predecessors, something with which Reeves agrees, who in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly has assured that he was “impacted by how much humor” there is in the proposal. “She’s throwing down the gauntlet of the Matrix again; she’s super smart, sharp, entertaining, suspenseful, and fun.

Heating up motors

Looking ahead to the launch of ‘Matrix Resurrections’, the non-sequel to ‘Matrix which, according to David Mitchell, co-writer of the film, is “something autonomous that contains in itself in a very ingenious way the three ‘Matrix’ that precede it “ and not ” another sequel “. Warner has decided to re-release the first installment in theaters.

Thus ‘ Matrix ‘ can be enjoyed on the big screen in many cinemas starting this Friday, December 3. Of course, there is no better way to refresh the beginning of the saga than with popcorn and at the movies, but if you prefer to have a marathon at home, the entire trilogy is available on HBO Max.





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