New Miranda in the new “AND JUST LIKE THAT …”

The new series  “And Just Like That …”  is full of surprises, twists and turns. You will stay speechless, just in the first few episodes. First, to start with a bang, the Beast dies, just as the series begins. Deep down we all expected and longed for more about the amazing love story. Also, Miranda’s behaviour was quite surprising – she wanted to give up everything to be happy. She did not ask for the price of her happiness, she was prepared to lose everything in one day. Fans think her reactions are exaggerated, and on that occasion, actress Cynthia Nixon also spoke up and talked about her character. 

Cynthia Nixon is aware that fans have reacted violently to her character in the series  “And Just Like That …”  as Miranda has undergone a complete transformation. The actress defended Miranda’s new story, on The Drew Barrymore Show.

And as the series nears the end of the premiere, Miranda was ready to leave Steve, to the general surprise of fans. She told her husband that she wanted to be happy and that she was short of everything. She needed something more, she kept repeating. So she filed for divorce to dedicate herself to the romance she began with  Che Diaz,  played by  Sara Ramirez. 

Many see Miranda come out of her character,   and that’s when the problem on social media arises. It seems that in life we admire stories like this one. When people suddenly realise they have been hiding something even from themselves. We are usually so supportive of our friends when they decide to go for love whatever the cost is. Even more so, we are supportive when someone we care about wants to put an end to a relationship that does not make them happy. So, why should Miranda be any different? Why shouldn’t she fall in love? Get a divorce? Come out of the closet? Have a midlife crisis?

She fell in love with Che, she wants more, and that is completely fine. Miranda found her way to show that, and it made a big badaboom online and amongst the critics. Miranda is a smart, successful woman, and it is not difficult to imagine that she too, wants to be happy and complete. Miranda deciding to divorce Steve is for sure not out of character.

“Everyone pretends that this is not happening in life’’ Cyntia said.

 “She rushed forward, and after that, she had to go back, in order to satisfy the people around her. Regardless of age, you haven’t figured it all out. If you think you’ve figured it all out, you’re kidding!” Nixon continued saying it has been proven countless times that it’s never too late to live by your own rules.





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