Olivia Munn’s strong stance against racism!

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According to Munn, the webinar was “Zoom bombed” with anti-Asian pictures and audio.

As we all agree, there is no place for racism in the 21st century. Still, we are witnesses of such crimes too often. However, many people simply won’t stand it anymore, and many celebrities are speaking out. Among them is Olivia Munn. She has made a stand against racism.

After a hacker “zoom bombed” an Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) advocacy webinar, she was conducting with “horrific, violent, racially charged images and audio,” the X-Men actress, 41, strongly condemned the racist web attack. Munn spoke out about the upsetting moment after the event and revealed why the meeting went on nonetheless.

“While it momentarily disrupted our event, we later resumed because these malicious acts will not stop the conversation,” she posted to Instagram.

Munn referred to the digital attack “cowardly and unconscionable act.” without going into further information.

“We were communing to celebrate, elevate and protect the AAPI community and we were subjected to a hate crime in real-time. It was a cowardly and unconscionable act. But to be clear, the conversation WILL go on.”

She ended her writing by saying hate was a”cheap tactic.” 

Munn addressed the event hosts personally on her Instagram story.”To our creators who joined the event, we are so sorry to have gone through this traumatic experience together. We are here for you, as you are here for us.” 

Hate crimes against Asian Americans have surged since COVID-19 began at the end of 2019. In August, NPR reported that in the first two years of the epidemic, 9,000 anti-Asian incidents had been documented.

Munn already spoke out against anti-Asian violence in the past. The star made an emotional plea for “help” in the struggle against these crimes in February 2021.

“Over the past few days I’ve found myself at a loss for words at the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes,” she wrote on Instagram. “The racist, verbal and physical assaults have left my community fearful to step outside.”





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