Opera GX Village, a dream village for gamers

Photo Credits : Opera/Promo

Many of us have been left wondering what it would be like to live in this type of ideal setting after seeing the rigs and residences from which some of our favorite streamers broadcast.

But why fantasize when we can make it happen? At least, that’s what Opera GX Town suggests, a project led by the well-known browser business that offers us not just a house, but an entire village full of customizable residences for all types of gamers.

The concept, which is presently being developed as a pilot project, aims to design a dream home community for professional gamers and creators that are tailored to their specialized lifestyle. A futuristic utopia in which each residence is totally customizable and equipped with the latest gaming facilities.

Photo Credits: Opera/Promo

According to the company, each home in the Opera GX Village will provide its residents with the best gaming environment, including high-end gaming settings in every room (yes, including the bathroom) designed for all types of platforms covering the needs of PC and console gamers.

The highest internet speeds available, optimized for each home; various additions such as customizable LED lights with an adaptive response to games and music; and a food delivery service.

The first display floor is now open for prospective gamers to come and learn about this lifestyle. And you can do it by simply tweeting a video, image, or text explaining why your gaming history makes you the ideal first resident, tagging @operagxofficial and #operagxvillage.

As a result, the most innovative publication will receive a stay in this pilot apartment, which includes a journey to Andorra with all expenses paid as well as lodging between May 6 and 8.





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