Tips for Organic Mosquito Control

Families across the country look forward to summer every year, particularly in colder areas. From backyard barbecues to beachside vacations, there’s a lot to look forward to during the warmer months. Unfortunately, while the spring rains mean that summer is on its way, they usher in more than just everyone’s favorite season.

Mosquitoes also love the warm, humid weather that accompanies summer in most climates, and they can quickly ruin an otherwise beautiful day spent outdoors. Thankfully, the advantages of organic mosquito control are significant enough that most people will never have to choose between using dangerous chemicals and enjoying time spent outdoors. Read on to find a few tips for organic mosquito control that will help make summer more enjoyable.

Reduce Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in even small amounts of standing water found in places like clogged gutters and saturated flower pots, and it takes some breeds just five days to reproduce. Keep standing water in the yard to a minimum by cleaning gutters frequently, changing out bird baths at least twice a week, and checking the yard for things like old tires, toys, drainage pipes, and other potential water catchments after each rain.


Remove Excess Vegetation

Most breeds of mosquitoes come out to feed from dusk till dawn. During the day, the adult insects hide in dense vegetation to get out of the sun. Removing excess vegetation and thinning out dense bushes and trees can allow the sun and wind to get in, creating a less appealing habitat for adult mosquitoes.

Attract Mosquito-Eating Animals

People may hate mosquitoes, but there are plenty of birds, amphibians, and mammals that love them. Try building bat or bird houses, attracting frogs to the backyard, or even stocking ponds and marshes with mosquito fish. Just keep in mind that gambusia and other mosquito-loving fish also need healthy, well-aerated water.

Plant Mosquito-Repellant Plants

There are certain types of plants that naturally keep mosquitoes at bay. The best known of them is citronella, but basil, catnip, lavender, and most types of mint will do an excellent job of keeping mosquito populations at bay, as well. Some are best used as natural insect repellants while others can help to keep mosquitoes away just by releasing their odor into a gentle wind. The best part is that most plants that mosquitoes find distasteful are appealing to humans, so they can also make the yard a more pleasant place.

Use Organic Mosquito Treatments

Some pest control companies offer organic insect treatments with substances that will kill mosquito larvae or adults without damaging other wildlife. The substances used by these industry experts may be non-toxic to the environment, but they still need to be applied by a professional.

Don’t Give Up the Fight

Everyone should be able to enjoy the long, warm summer nights without having to worry about accidentally poisoning their family, friends, or pets, so if the tips above don’t start working immediately, don’t give up the fight. There are plenty of ways to get rid of mosquitoes without harming the ecosystem, but most take some time to reach peak effectiveness.

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