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Channing Tatum prepares ‘Magic Mike 3’ for HBO Max

Tatum announced that the title of the new part will be 'Magic Mike's Last Dance ' and gave us a surprise: Steven Soderbergh returns as director.

Jo Green forgave Hugh Laurie’s affair

Hugh Laurie (62), who gained fame in the series ' Blackadder' and ' Dr. House ', since 1989, has been married to theater administrator Jo Green (65). Throughout his long acting career, Hugh has managed to keep his private life largely out of the public eye. His wife, with whom he has sons Charles (33) and William (30) and...

The life story of Frankie Muniz

Although, he is a dad, he still looks like a child. What happened to the star of the series 'Malcom in the middle' Frankie Muniz?

Aromatic roasted chicken breast with potatoes

Chicken breast with spices and lemon juice can have a very interesting taste. This delicious recipe is based on a mixture of everyday spices that will give the meat a special aroma

New Matrix more comical than originals!

Keanu Reeves himself suggests that in this new installment we will see a different tone from that of the original trilogy.

Remember Martine McCutcheon? This is her now!

Martine McCutcheon became famous thanks to the role of Natalie in the film "Actually Love", and in the last 18 years, she has changed a lot.

Billy Joel “breaks” Taylor Swift’s brain

In an interview with USA Today, Joel was asked who his favorite "current singers" were and, he referred to Swift as the Fab Four of her generation.

Meghan Markle’s big victory in court

Mail on Sunday lost in the final round of a lawsuit against Meghan Markle, who sued them for privacy violations

Exclusive photos of Willow Smith in other’s embrace

While she is officially in a relationship with one, she exchanges passions in front of everyone with another man: 'I can explain'

Meghan and Kate finally discovered the true

Meghan and Kate had furious argument and now everyone talks about them. They both claim to have cried, and now the real truth is revealed.

Kathy Griffin on Trump incident

When the incident with Trump happened, and still that quarantine situation, I started taking pills all day. At one point, I wrote a farewell message and took about 100 pills, says the comedian



Meghan Markle’s big victory in court

Mail on Sunday lost in the final round of a lawsuit against Meghan Markle, who sued them for privacy violations

Doctor Mehmet Oz wants to become a part of the Senate

The well-known tv face and cardiac surgeon decided to try his luck at politics, so he will run in the Pennsylvania parliamentary elections next winter. He believes that he can make a difference for his people.

The most delicious chocolate marzipan truffles

These Marzipan Truffles are super easy to make and they are perfect gift for your family and friends! You need to try it now!

Try this and you’ll burst with energy!

Try the "4-4-4-4" technique: It works after only FIVE MINUTES and will make you burst with ENERGY all-day

Adele shows face with no make-up!

Adele was a guest on the Youtube channel Nikkie Tutorials and showed how her face looks without makeup and everyone was delighted

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Seagate presents the world’s fastest HDD – Mach.2 Exos 2X14

SSDs are known to significantly outperform HDDs in terms of performance however, Seagate has developed a new technology that should reduce this difference.

Katie Holmes Wore a Beautiful Casual Outfit

Katie and her daughter Suri matched with their gorgeous casual outfits.


Samsung has high expectations from its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 models to be unveiled soon and plans that flexible-screen phones will be a key factor driving the smartphone industry into the future.

How Much Can Mobile Applications and Algorithms Help Doctors Treat Us Better?

In the past, home visits to doctors were the privilege of the rich. Advances in diagnostics and monitoring from remote locations with cloud computing, machine learning, and increasingly available technologies herald the beginning of the end of that practice. Triage of patient data is increasingly being processed by algorithms.

Blizzard Disappoints Fans!

It is finally shown what the gameplay will look like, and many did not like it!

A 28 Million Dollar Mistake!

BlockFi sent money to its users in Bitcoin currency instead of dollars, which resulted in one user receiving over 28 million dollars. Unfortunately, BlockFi is asking for its money back.

Netflix Introduces Video Games to its content!

The popular streaming platform is expanding.

Delete Chrome From your Lap Top and Enjoy!

One user dropped Google Chrome as their primary browser from laptops and after a week it became crystal clear why we all need to do it right away.

Prince Harry’s revelations to Oprah Winfrey!

Prince Harry recently opened up about himself and his life during an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s In The Me You Can’t See.




Mick Jager’s open relationship

Mick Jagger and girlfriend, ballerina Melanie Hamrick are enjoying a holiday in Malibu these days where he had a concert with the band The Rolling Stones

The life story of Frankie Muniz

Although, he is a dad, he still looks like a child. What happened to the star of the series 'Malcom in the middle' Frankie Muniz?

Alec Baldwin is haunted by tragedy

Alec said that he will never be able to shoot roles with weapons again and that he does not care at all if he will not act again after the fatal event in New Mexico that shocked the film world on October 21.

Jennifer Lopez caught in an unusual situation!

Although she earns millions, Jenny is still just a girl from the neighborhood. She not only helped Ben to unload the truck but she did it in heels.

‘Squid Game’ breaks all records!

'Hellbound', a new South Korean series on Netflix, briefly took first place on Netflix, but the month of November still ended too strongly in...