Palace private investigator confessed to harassing Prince Harry

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Gavin Burrows, a private investigator of the royal family, apologized for his previous behavior in the BBC’s “The Princes and the Press”, this documentary explores the relations of Prince Harry and Prince William with the media writes People.

I was basically part of a group of people who kidnapped him from his normal teenage years,” Burrows admitted of Prince Harry, now 37, adding that media culture in the early 2000s was a dangerous period. A private investigator said that the editors of the documentary described Harry as the “new Diana”, trying to uncover stories about Prince Harry, Burrows targeted the king’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, with whom Prince Harry had been dating until 2011.

Burrows publicly apologized to Prince Harry, saying he was “very sorry” and behaved like this for greedy reasons, “I enjoyed cocaine and lived in a false state of greatness,” People reports. Roya Nikkhah of “The Sunday Times” also appeared in the documentary, saying the attention to Prince Harry’s girls was too great. “When you go out or think about marrying a member of the royal family, the control you endure is huge,” the portal quoted her comments as saying.

The journalist added that Harry was then in his 30s, at a time when his friends were starting a family, and he had to look for ways to keep his love life away from private investigators – which was almost impossible.

After news of Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle surfaced in 2016, he confirmed the news with a groundbreaking statement condemning the wave of abuse and harassment against Meghan,” People reports. The couple got married in May 2018 (in the presence of both Davy and Bonas) and now have two children. They moved to California last year after stepping down as senior members of the royal family.

Harry recently opened his soul about misinformation on the Internet

Disinformation is a global humanitarian crisis,” Prince Harry said during a panel of RE-WIRED magazine Wired earlier this month, People writes. 

I’ve personally felt it over the years, and now I’m watching it happen globally. The scariest part about it is that you don’t have to be online to be affected,” Prince Harry complained and spoke about his childhood and teenage years in which he did not have the intimacy that every man needs in those years.





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