‘Pam & Tommy’ the first trailer is finally out!


We had already seen Lily James and Sebastian Stan characterized as Pamela Anderson and drummer Tommy Lee for the series that will tell the story about their marriage and the sex tape they recorded and ended up leaking. And the truth is that they were quite the hit. Now, Hulu has presented its first teaser, in addition to announcing its premiere date: February 2, 2022.

The miniseries will narrate how an electrician who works for the couple steals the tape that Anderson and Lee recorded during their vacations and how they try to recover it before everyone sees it, although without much success since it is considered the first viral video. In the teaser, we can see James at the time when Pamela was working on ‘ Baywatch ‘ and Lee with his group, Mötley Crüe.

In addition to James and Stan, Taylor Schilling, Nick Offerman, Fred Hechinger, Paul Ben-Victor, Paul Sinacore, and Seth Rogen also appear. It is directed by Craig Gillespie, author of ‘ I, Tonya ‘.

First opinions

Gillepsie is very proud of Stan’s work as a musician. He believes that we are going to see an unknown side of the interpreter who put himself in the shoes of the Winter Soldier. Here’s how he talked about it: “He’s so talented and he’s embroidering it. Tommy Lee has energy and spontaneity that I haven’t seen before in Sebastian’s work, so it‘s a completely different version of anything he’s familiar with. Thus, innately, I felt that he could get there, and he has worked a lot, even transforming himself physically to achieve that goal

Who is not at all in favor of the project is the singer Courtney Love, a friend of the actress. She is very hurt and outraged that the platform has decided, without counting those involved in what happened, to reopen a topic that traumatized Anderson: “It destroyed the life of my friend Pamela. Absolutely. It destroyed her and her children. That was a disaster … because it is a form of sexual assault, right? “. She added, “My heart goes out to Pammy now that her complex trauma is deepening. And Lily James, whoever she is, should be ashamed





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