Paulina Porizkova looks amazing!

Photo Credits : The Mega Agency

Paulina Porizkova (57) is one of the most successful models of all time. Now she has shown her amazing figure and proved that age is just a number.

She posed in a miniature black bikini and celebrated her dignified aging with a new campaign she filmed, telling everyone how aging can be sexy and natural. This beauty decided that she would never undergo cosmetic corrections and teamed up with Laura Geller to prove that beauty gets better with time.

-Mature, advanced, middle-aged. Let’s say that. I’m getting older. And what’s wrong with that? Older is more experienced and more powerful. Of course, I’m getting old, but now I’m better than ever – said Paulina in a video recorded as part of the campaign.

She shared the video in which she is lying by the pool in a bikini and passing by younger women on social networks, and in just a few hours she gathered numerous likes and compliments about her appearance, but also the message she sent.

“Unique”, “You look perfect”, “Bravo”, Queen, “Beautiful as always”, “Are you real”, “You are beautiful”, “Brilliant”, “I love this!”, her companions wrote.

By the way, Paulina was born in former Czechoslovakia and became famous in the early ’80s. Although she always attracted attention with her appearance, she found that she did not always appreciate the beauty that enabled her to have an enviable career.

Paulina now lives in America with her sons Jonathan (26) and Oliver (21), whom she got with Rick Ocasek, the former frontman of The Cars, who passed away in September 2019 at the age of 75. Before his death, they were going through a divorce lawsuit, but despite that, they lived together in New York, where Paulina found his lifeless body in an apartment. An autopsy showed he died of cardiovascular disease. Although he excluded Paulina from his will, she received a portion of the inheritance estimated at $ 80 million as they did not officially divorce until the time of his death.





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