Pete Davidson caught leaving Kim Kardashian’s hotel

Photo Credits : SNL YouTube/Printscreen

The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson can not be better. While Kanye West is dying to get back with the businesswoman (he has asked her publicly, mind you), she seems to have definitely turned the page and is very happy with the comedian. The couple of the moment has had several dates that show that there is more than a friendship between them. They have gone to the movies together, to an amusement park, they have celebrated his birthday together and even the comedian himself refers to her as his girl.

But it does not stop here. The couple of the moment has returned to give us a moment of those that we like so much. Pete Davidson has been caught leaving Kim Kardashian’s hotel in New York after spending the night together (fangirling intensifies). And be careful, because it seems that things went very well because in the photos that have been published it seems that he can’t stop smiling.

The ‘Saturday Night Live’ star was spotted last Monday as he left the luxurious Four Seasons hotel in New York. In the images, published by Daily Mail, Pete is seen dressed in very casual clothes and with a facial expression that is priceless, really.

Although it may sound like an invasion of privacy, this has been the tone that the global media maintains about the day-to-day life of one of the most surprising couples of 2022, who probably never wanted to hide because they kissed live in one of the last episodes of SNL and that quickly became a trend.

Things are getting serious

In February, Kim Kardashian announced her separation from singer Kanye West, to whom she was married for 7 years and with whom she has 4 children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Apparently, the decision was carried out on good terms without major conflicts and both have publicly acknowledged the great respect and admiration they have for each other.

The businesswoman and the comedian continue to advance in their relationship, and it seems that things are serious. In fact, she has already invited him to the Christmas party that Kris Jenner organizes every Christmas. According to a source close to E! News, Pete already has the go-ahead from Kim’s mom. “Kris is already obsessed with him. The whole family is a huge fan of Pete and would love to spend a vacation with him,” the source revealed. If this happens, we would love to see the photos of the meeting. We will be very attentive.





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