Phil Collins ‘can barely hold’ drumsticks due to declining health

Photo Credits : Reuters

Phil Collins is one of the most successful and respected musicians of today. He has a fortune of over 300 million dollars, he won an Oscar, and he is one of only three musicians who have ever managed to sell more than 100 million albums. However, it turns out, he still lacks luck in his life.

The drummer appeared on the BBC Breakfast as part of the promotion of his band Genesis‘ return tour. Viewers and fans were amazed at what the famous drummer and musician looked like. He could hardly move on his own at all.

The 70-year-old drummer and singer said that he is frustrated by the challenges he has been facing after he had back surgery in 2009 and 2015, and he also has diabetes.

I’m kind of physically challenged a bit, which is very frustrating because I’d love to be playing up there,” Collins said in an interview announcing the return tour of his rock band Genesis, founded in the 1970s.

“I can barely hold a [drum] stick with this hand, so there are certain physical things which get in the way,” he added.

The eight-time Grammy winner said that his son Nick will play drums on tour, the first in North America after 14 years.

Collins, who had a successful solo career in the 1980s and 1990s with hits such as “In the Air Tonight” and “One More Night“, announced in 2011 that he would stop making music, but returned to the stage in 2017 with a series of concerts called “Not Yet Dead: Live”.

Collins is unfortunately an example of how money and fame cannot provide you with everything in life. He had several very severe fractures over the years and in 2015 he also had spinal surgery after which he was left with damaged nerves. The procedure caused him big problems due to which he lost the feeling in his fingers and he could only play the drums if they stuck sticks to his hands.

Two years after that, he fell and since then he has been constantly using a walking stick or a wheelchair, but now he looks worse than ever before. The rather public divorce from his wife Orianne, whom he married in 1999 after they met while she was his translator during a tour in Switzerland, certainly contributed to that. They broke up when the divorce was finalized in 2008, and only when he paid her 46.8 million dollars, which is one of the most expensive divorces in the history of show business. However, things did not end then between them because she remarried and moved into Collins’ villa worth 40 million dollars with her new husband.

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