Prince George has to lead a double life at the age of 8 in order to prepare for his role of the King

Prince George has to prepare from an early age for the role of King that awaits him one day. New details emerged in the latest book about the Royal Family.

Prince George has to lead a double life at the age of 8 in order to prepare for his role of the King

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Little Prince George has been in the spotlight of the British and world public since his first birthday, from the moment his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared with him in front of the London hospital where he was born eight years ago.

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George is third in line for the royal throne and a future monarch, but his parents still try to give him a more normal life for a boy, at least within their four walls and in the most private moments hidden from prying eyes.

The details of his life were revealed by the royal biographer Robert Lacey in the book "Battle of Brothers", who claims that George only recently, at the age of seven, realized that one day he would become the king of his country.

"William never revealed to the public how and when he explained to his son that one day he too would be king, but it is speculated that it was in the summer of 2020, sometime around George's seventh birthday. Then his parents explained to him a little more about his future and what it carries, ”Lacey argues.

Like all his predecessors, George is already preparing for his future role, but now it has been revealed that he does the usual jobs for a child his age, so he makes his bed every morning, and at school, no one addresses him with the title of the prince but George Cambridge.

Each of his public appearances arouses great interest, and many remain softened by his spontaneity and lightheartedness, just as he was at the recent England-Germany football match at Wembley Stadium where he arrived with his parents.

By: Helen B.