Prince William once canceled plans for Christmas and made Kate cry

Before Prince William and Kate were married, the Duchess was very worried about the future of their relationship after William canceled the plans they had made together for the Christmas holidays.

Prince William once canceled plans for Christmas and made Kate cry

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Duchess Kate, 39, and Prince William, 39, reportedly began their relationship in 2003, and after three years together, Kate was very worried about their future. Namely, during the holiday season of 2006, Kate and William agreed that the Prince would travel with his family after Christmas to spend the rest of the time with Kate and her family. 

However, the prince changed his mind, so he informed Kate at the last minute that he would still be spending the holidays at home. 

The details of the royal relationship were written by author Katie Nicholl (44) in her book published in 2011, ‘The Making of a Royal Romance’. Katie claims that William promised Kate that he would join her family, but instead decided to stay with his family - informing her by phone the day after Christmas.

Kate was very worried about their future because of that, and it seems that she was not scared for no reason.

Namely, William and Kate broke up briefly shortly thereafter, but the break-up didn't last long, so the romance quickly rekindled, and the couple married in 2011.

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By: Sarah R.