Prince William spoke about his inside battle!

Photo Credits : Getty Images

After 2017 everything changed for Prince William.

At that time he was a pilot, and his medical team tried to save the boy Bobby Hughes after a horrific accident. Bobby was only a few years older than his son George.

– When we arrived at the scene of the accident, we had one thought in mind – how to help the boy. The parents were hysterical, as you can imagine, they were screaming, crying and in real agony. And that lives with you – said William on the show ‘Prince William: Time to Walk’ and added: “I went home pretty upset that night.” I didn’t cry, but I felt something had changed inside me – I felt a kind of tension growing inside. It was so annoying to me like the whole world was dying.’

As the weeks passed it was not better William admits. He felt pain, he suffered something he had never felt before. 

– My personal life was fine, everything around me worked. I was happy at home and at work, but at the same time, I kept looking at myself and asking myself, ‘Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel so sad? ‘ I began to realize that the trauma and grief of all these people I actually brought home, and it all affects a person – he explained. 

Talks with colleagues and meeting the boy’s family helped him in his struggle. Over time, he got better because of it. 

The entire interview, which is part of Apple’s audio series of celebrities, will be released today and lasts about 38 minutes. He commented on William’s confessions to foreign media and a source close to the royal family. 

– You don’t hear this kind of interview often. It is a deep and significant portrayal of the Duke of Cambridge, not only as a member of the royal family but also as a person – he concluded.

In just one interview with the Duke, Apple made a six-figure donation to three charities selected by William himself. The organizations are from Great Britain, America, and Australia.





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