Priyanka deleted Nick’s surname from her IG account

Photo Credits : Getty Images

Indian actress and former Miss World, 39-year-old Priyanka Chopra, has worried her numerous fans with the strange move she made on social media. Priyanka deleted the last name of her husband Nick Jonas from her Twitter and Instagram profiles, and rumors of trouble in paradise immediately surfaced.

Everyone immediately announced that divorce was imminent, but these rumors were immediately silenced by this famous beauty. She left an interesting comment on her husband’s profile below the video in which he is practicing, and rumors of a divorce were refuted by her mother as well. “It’s all nonsense, don’t spread rumors,” Priyanka’s mother Madhu told

However, it remains unclear why the actress removed her husband and left only her last name, and their fans are still afraid of the worst.

Chopra and Jonas were the subjects of ridicule at the beginning of their relationship due to the big age difference, but since they got married three years ago, it seems that roses are blooming in their marriage.

Recall, Priyanka and Nick began their relationship in mid-2017, and the singer proposed to her just two months later with the ring he chose at the famous jewelry store Tiffany. At the time, they were often criticized for looking like a mother and son, but they didn’t pay much attention to them and in December 2018, they crowned their relationship with marriage.

They were married in the former royal palace of Umaid Bhawan in the Indian city of Jodhpur Rajasthan in front of 250 closest friends and family members, and the lavish ceremony lasted as long as three days.





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