Creator of 'Money Heist' hints at possible spin-off

In a little less than a month, when the other five episodes of the fifth season are released, the series "Money Heist" ends.

Creator of 'Money Heist' hints at possible spin-off

Photo Credits: Netflix

The Spanish series, which became an international hit after the transfer to Netflix from a regional miracle, the authors announce, will have a spectacular finale.

However, there is a lot of talk about new projects related to that series, especially spin-offs, because the audience does not have enough stories about this special heist team.

For now, however, the only thing that is certain is that a South Korean remake of the story will be filmed, with all the characters from the Spanish version, on which BH Entertainment and Zium Content will work, and the creator of the "Money Heist" series Alex Pina will be involved in the project as an executive producer.

When asked about the creation of spin-off parts, Pina said that there is a possibility for that.

"We have a lot of possibilities of doing a spin-off and I think it’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters. They have a very complex and layered design and almost all have a duality that we would like to see in a spin-off," Pina said recently, but also stressed that new projects will not be considered until the last frame of the series is shown.

"Then we will assess whether the door is really open for new projects and whether we want to say something more about any of the characters," he added.

Recently, there have been rumors that a series is being considered in which the central character would be Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, and his various ex-girlfriends.

Even Alvaro Morte, who plays the thief leader Professor, would have nothing against the new project.

"It would be a great pleasure to come back as a Professor. Anything is possible," the actor said.

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By: Sarah R.