Put your shoes in the freezer and forget your troubles!

Photo Credits : Jaclyn Moy/Unsplash

The low temperature will deal with the unpleasant smell of shoes and at the same time will not damage them like washing.

Some materials do not tolerate abrasion. Such shoes should be placed in the freezer from time to time. This treatment should eliminate the stench. If it is carried out regularly, you will solve all the problems.

Putting shoes in the freezer can also help you if you bought a pair that doesn’t fit!

A freezer is also an effective way to get rid of mold on your shoes. Before you throw them away, try freezing them for 48 hours. Maybe this is enough to kill fungal spores.

Even if your shoes don’t stink, it’s a good idea to put them in the freezer from time to time. Thanks to that, they will always be like new.

This method is free, safe for shoes, very efficient, and easy to apply.





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