Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has been arrested and questioned in Russia

Photo Credits : Getty Images

As reported by Summa Inferno, on Friday night, the Russian police arrested and interrogated Rammstein singer Till Lindemann after capturing him in his hotel room. According to their reports, Lindemann was supposed to perform at the “Maklarin For Homeland Festival” in the Russian city of Tver on Sunday. The reason for his detention is an alleged violation of the COVID-19 restriction on mass gatherings.

Lindeman’s manager, Anar Reiband, is also facing charges because he entered the country as a tourist. However, the authorities believe that he is the organizer of the festival and that he could be convicted, due to which he will face deportation and a permanent ban on entering the country.

Lindeman has another performance scheduled for September 4-5 at the Moscow “Spasskaya Tower Festival” on Red Square.

Rammstein and Russia have an interesting history. A fan of the band has been sentenced to prison for sharing their controversial music video for the song “Pussy”. A few years earlier, two band members had kissed on stage in protest of the country’s harsh laws on the LGBT community.

By: Helen B.





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