Reasons Why You Should Visit Jamaica!

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“The Island in the Sun” is the most beautiful description of a popular island! Cheerful people, sun, sea, and beautiful beaches – Jamaica is home to rum, reggae, and the legendary Bob Marley. The third-largest island in the Caribbean offers a rich variety of vegetation, hidden fairytale waterfalls, and traditional colonial houses on plantations. Christopher Columbus was officially the first European to discover Jamaica in May 1494.

This Caribbean country has about 2,900,000 inhabitants, most of whom are of African descent. The area of ​​the island is almost 11,000 square kilometers, which makes it the third-largest state in the Greater Antilles.

Before it was colonized, it was inhabited by indigenous tribes – Arawak and Taino, who gave it its name: Shamayka, which translated from the local language means “land of trees and water” or “land of spring”.

Jamaica is known as one of the largest exporters of mangoes, bananas, and sugar cane, but they are not domestic crops, unlike the popular Ackee. Also, over 200 species of orchids grow on this tropical island.

In order to get rid of the rats, mongooses were brought to the island in 1872Apart from rats, these cat-like animals ate almost all snakes, so now they are almost non-existent on the island, which makes Jamaica a popular tourist destination.

As a former colony, Jamaica is part of the Commonwealth, and Queen Elizabeth II has her own governor in the ‘land of trees and water’ – who has a protocol function. In 1962, Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean to gain independence.

Jamaica’s national drink is rum. Ian Fleming wrote all 14 sequels of James Bond in Jamaica. Jamaica is otherwise recognizable in the world for its artists, including the famous Bob Marley. It is a little-known fact that this island produces the most music per capita.

According to some research, Jamaicans are at the top of the list of the happiest people in the world. An unusual, but the very nice fact is that a large number of twins and triplets are born on this island.





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