Rebel Wilson sexual harassment in the film industry

Photo Credits : James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Actress Rebel Wilson (41) has revealed the shocking details of sexual harassment incidents in the movie industry and announced that she will continue to talk about the topic in the future. 

The first incident happened when the actress was only 20 years old in Australia.  She was invited to talk to a ‘big’ film producer she didn’t name.

-I thought I was going to a meeting about a comedy I was supposed to be shooting at the time, but he started giving me more and more alcohol. Luckily I don’t drink too much. Then his wife called him. He had one of those phones where when they leave you a message you can hear everything through the speakers. His wife began to say to him: ‘Rebel is in your hotel room, you will sleep with her. That’s when I first thought about what was going on. If I hadn’t heard her voice shouting over the phone who knows what might have happened. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the room – the actress said in an interview with the BBC and revealed that she did not tell anyone about the meeting for a while.

The second incident happened on a Los Angeles movie set. She said an unnamed actor called her to his trailer, took off his pants, and demanded that she perform an inappropriate act. His friends were also in the trailer, recording their meeting on their mobile phones.

-I was in shock, and his friends laughed and obviously agreed with his idea. It all happened before the ‘Me too’ movement. I was alone, in a foreign country and I didn’t know what to do – the actress said, and revealed that she stayed on the set of the film, although she would have acted differently today . Although her agent reported the actor and the incident to the film studio, they only commented that she was the fourth to complain about the actor and did nothing.





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