Ronaldo's expensive car is destroyed!

Cristiano Ronaldo's car worth 1.7 million pounds was destroyed in an accident.

Ronaldo's expensive car is destroyed!

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One of Cristiano Ronaldo's luxury cars (37), which was supposed to be sent to Mallorca where the footballer is resting with his family, was destroyed in an accident. According to foreign media, this is a Bugatti Veyron car with 900 horsepower worth 1.7 million pounds. It was destroyed when Ronaldo's driving employee crashed into a fence on the east coast of the Sa Coma Resort.

The driver was uninjured in the accident, and the front of the car suffered extensive damage. Police have launched an investigation to find out exactly what happened and what was the cause of the accident.

By the way, Cristiano showed his sculpted body on Instagram the day before. "I feel good," said the footballer and revealed that he does not neglect training even on a family vacation." You miss a gym," joked Manchester United goalkeeper and colleague David de Gea. Fans commented that Ronaldo looks great. 

The footballer and his family went on holiday to Mallorca on June 14, where they celebrated the 12th birthday of his son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior. Georgina and Ronaldo also congratulated their son on his birthday via social media. Georgina accepted all of Cristian's children as her own, sharing unprecedented family photos and dedicating an emotional post to the boy.

'For a happy day and a life full of wonderful moments. Mom, Dad and your siblings will continue to walk, ski, swim, fly, sail, dream, create and enjoy hand in hand with you. We are very proud of the big man you are becoming. We love you endlessly ', she wrote as a description of her photos with Ronaldo Junior.

Ronaldo also spoke up and told his son that he loves him.'Happy birthday, my son. As time flies. Are we still going to play together? The most important thing is to stay that big-hearted boy. Good luck, son, Dad loves you very much ', he wrote.

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