Sandra Bullock plans to retire from acting!

Sandra Bullock has previously announced that she is taking a break from acting, and now it seems that her decision is final.

Sandra Bullock plans to retire from acting!

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Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock has confirmed that she plans to retire from acting. She admitted that she feels tired and that she intends to move away from the spotlight very soon.

'I don't want to be subordinated to anyone else's schedule anymore.  I was so burned out. I am so tired and I am not able to make healthy, smart decisions and I am aware of that ', said the famous actress. Sandra emphasized how grateful she is for everything she has achieved in her career, but she also pointed out that her days at the height of her fame did not pass without sacrifice. She acknowledged that her personal life could be jeopardized if she continues to work at full capacity.

She found that she had to talk with herself about her own success.‘I said to myself,‘ Stop looking. You already have it all and you don't need to prove yourself anymore. You have to be good and without the work. You don't need work as a confirmation of your success.', ' the actress stated.

By the way, Sandra announced earlier, in March, that she would leave her acting career. Namely, the life of the favorite Hollywood actress was marked by numerous traumas, including horror prepared by her ex-husband Jesse James. Their marriage in Hollywood is known as one of the worst marriages, and that’s because he cheated on her with many women almost from the beginning of their relationship. Bullock married James in 2005, and in late 2009 she entered into a custody battle with him over their daughter.

In addition to her marriage to Jesse James, Sandra was also engaged to actor Tate Donovan, whom she met on the film set. That love lasted for three years. She was also connected with footballer Troy Aikman, as well as Hollywood beauties Ryan Gosling and Matthew McConaughey.After all, the actress found love in the arms of 56-year-old model and photographer Bryan Randall, whom she married in early 2021 after a six-year relationship.

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