Sarah and her son starred together!

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The actress is married to her colleague Matthew Broderick, and the couple has three children – a son James and twins, Tabitha and MarionSarah and her husband are known for not exposing children in their media life, and the actress shared their photos on her Instagram account rarely.

The first two episodes of the series “And just like that” started an avalanche of comments this week on social networks, and everyone is buzzing about the continuation of the story of the cult Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played the main character, Carrie Bradshaw, appeared at the premiere of the series in New York this week in the company of her husband Matthew Broderick and son James. American media do not stop commenting that James grew into a handsome young man.

The acting couple stood in front of the altar in 1997, a year before the first episode of Sex and the City aired on small screens. At the beginning of the new millennium, the couple decided to expand their family, and in 2002, their son James Broderick was born. At the time, Parker was filming a popular series, and the producers successfully hid her pregnancy.

The famous actress has never hidden how much she is connected to the series and Carrie, whom she has played for so many years, and at one point she also expressed a wish for her son to be a part of that story. James made his debut in front of the camera as a baby, and few would guess at what exact moment.

Namely, James appeared in an episode in which Carrie accidentally met her ex-boyfriend Aidan Shaw. He played Aidan’s son, whom he carried, and when he turned to the actress, the boy was visibly delighted with his mother. Sarah Jessica Parker also gave birth to twins Marion and Tabitha in 2009, and the girls did not appear on sets with their mother yet.





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