Sarah Jessica Parker About Kim Cattrall

Sarah Jessica Parker About Kim Cattrall

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Kim has spoken out multiple times in the media about her and her coworkers' troubles with the series.

After a whole 17 years, audiences may once again experience the fresh adventures of their favorite main characters in the new season of the cult series 'Sex and the City,' titled 'And Just Like That'.

Those who have seen the series are well aware that one star remains absent: Samantha, played by actress Kim Cattrall, who does not appear in the new sequels to 'And Just Like That.'
Now, in an interview with Andy Cohen on Bravo, Sarah Jessica Parker, has spoken out on the lack of Kim Cattrall from the sequel 'Sex and the City.'
Andy said he likes the way the sequel ‘And Just Like That …’ has resolved the absence of the character Samantha Jones played by Kim.
Sarah, on the other hand, stated that she could not claim credit for it and that it was the work of the series director and screenwriter Michael Patrick King and his exceptional team of highly gifted writers.

Samantha argued with her former best friend Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in a narrative that does not happen just in the series.
Furthermore, these two actresses are arguing and do not speak to each other in real life.
By the way, Kim has previously spoken out multiple times in the media about her disagreements with other series cast members, including Parker, whom she openly challenged on Instagram.
Parker justified Cattrall's absence from the sequel to the franchise by respecting her wishes.

Parker said that the actress who played that role is no longer playing, but we know that people can be absent from our lives evan when we don't want to. She thought this was typical of Michael Patrick, he did it gracefully, with dignity and respect, love and affection for that character. Sarah thought it imitated many friendships that face challenges and struggle to maintain a connection in some way, because it can be too painful.

Parker, who worked as an executive producer on the show, also revealed that she hasn't seen the past two episodes of TV show.