Save the wine cork and put it in the pot

Photo Credits : John Murzaku/Unsplash

Why put a wine cork in a pot? If you didn’t know about this trick yet, we guarantee you will be surprised. Sounds incredible, but it really works. You’ll never throw it away again, knowing how helpful it can be in the kitchen.

The wine cork will help you preserve the stew that has burned. Dishes that can burn easily and require a lot of mixing, and especially when we put cabbage to cook, wine corks will help you with that.

And as it is difficult to stand next to a pot with a cooker for several hours, cabbage often sticks to the bottom, and the smell of burning permeates the whole dish. Disaster? Not necessarily. A wine cork will help.

If we happen to burn a stew, just put it in another bowl (no burnt residue, of course), add a wine cork (you can add a few pieces if you have a lot of food), and boil it. The wood should absorb the smell of burning, thanks to which our stew will regain its original taste. Later, you just need to take out the cork and enjoy the delicious meal.

Speaking of which, there are a few more clever tricks to save this dish while cooking. It often turns out too sour. What then? There are several options. You can try adding a little sweet cabbage to the stew. Prunes will also be a great way to balance the taste. Grandma’s other methods are to save a meal with sugar, honey, or baking soda.

You can add raw potatoes to too salty soup during cooking. This always works when it comes to other dishes.





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