Selena Gomez recorded a video of her eight-year-old sister trolling her – ‘You’re embarrassing me’

Photo Credits : selenagomez / tiktok

Selena Gomez often posts content on social media with her younger sister Gracie and thus delights her fans, especially when it comes to the jokes of their sisterly relationship. So is this TikTok video in which Gracie trolls Selena!

Selena Gomez posted a video on her TikTok profile in which her eight-year-old sister trolls her because Selena accidentally deleted the video she was trying to record. As she accidentally deleted the video, she began to convince Gracie that Snapchat was a much better solution to use instead of TikTok. But Gracie just gave her back with the sentence, ‘You’re embarrassing me,’ she said in the video.

Selena wanted to prove to her that Snapchat was a much better option for her, considering that she accidentally deleted the video. The comments are full of memories of the period in 2016 when Selena was active on Snapchat and when she posted one snap on a daily basis, and one of the comments is: ‘Selena, don’t make us feel old’ – one follower wrote.


Remember snap chat guys

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