Selma revealed shocking details about herself!

The famous actress has been battling a serious illness for years, and in her memoirs she reveals shocking details about herself.

Selma revealed shocking details about herself!

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Actress Selma Blair has finally published her memoir "Mean Baby" in which she writes about her life's successes and failures and speaks publicly about failed relationships, addictions, and the relationship with her mother from whom, as she writes in the book, inherited drama and eccentricity.

In the book, Blair writes about traumatic situations and how she was a rape victim and speaks openly about how she twice tried to commit suicide. She first tried it for unrequited and unhappy love and at that time she was a student and she discovered that a man named Todd was the reason she decided to take that horrible step. In her memoirs she described how she tried to commit suicide with all details.

'I went into his house. I drank a handful of pills and went to his bathroom where I sat on the floor and drank tequila. But at the last minute, I panicked. In the end, his mother called an ambulance that took me to the hospital' described the actress who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago.

She also writes about it in the book and says that she has only now realized that she noticed the symptoms of this disease at a young age, and she often tried to solve these symptoms with a glass of alcohol. 'As sad as it sounds, I don't think I could have survived that year without alcohol. Now I know that I had symptoms of MS and that I was trying to self-medicate with alcohol,' she wrote in the book. 

She described the beginnings of her alcohol addiction.‘The first time I got drunk, it was a revelation to me,’ said 49-year-old Selma. She drank wine during the Passover Seder or ritual dinner that marks the beginning of the Passover.

‘No one paid attention to how much I drank … I got drunk that night. I got very drunk. I ended up in bed next to my sister Katie. In the morning I couldn’t remember how I got to her bed,’ she said.

She said she didn’t get drunk often as a child but she would drink a sip whenever she became anxious and in those moments she felt relief. ‘Usually, I was barely drunk. I became an expert on alcoholism and skilled at hiding my secret,’ she said.