Sharon Stone caught in close quarters with a younger man

Photo Credits : profimedia

Even at the age of 64, Sharon Stone does not stop attracting the attention of the public, so her last outing did not go unnoticed.

Namely, the legendary actress was returning from a restaurant in Beverly Hills with a friend and then ended up in the arms of a young, mysterious man. The paparazzi snapped photos as they hugged in front of the elevator and he took her away. 

Many now wonder who was the handsome man that made Sharon smile. The actress shone in a relaxed outfit, with wide pants that matched her jacket. 

By the way, last month paparazzi photographed the naked star while she was having a fashion shoot in the south of France.

There she patiently and professionally fulfilled the wishes of the creative team, and while she was changing, paparazzi photographed her curves. What is the secret of her youthful appearance, she discovered a few years ago.

I don’t eat artificially treated food, I don’t drink coffee and I very rarely consume fizzy drinks and alcohol. But that’s why I eat meat, dark chocolate, and sweeten tea if I want to, she said.

It’s important to have some philosophy or faith that will restore balance to your life. For me, it is Buddhism. It is something that brings me back to the center, something in which I find peace and beauty, inner elegance and harmony ‘, she added.





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