Shawn Mendes opened his soul to his fans!

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Canadian singer Shawn Mendes (23) opened his soul to fans in a video he posted on his Instagram. While talking about his new song ‘It’ll Be Okay’ the singer admitted that he is having a very hard time on social media after breaking up in October with Camila Cabello (24).

“I just wanted to make a little video and thank everyone who identified with the song ‘It’ll Be Okay’ and posted videos on TikTok. It’s a little difficult for me at the moment with social networks, but I have a lot of people who send me videos and tell me what’s going on “said Shawn about his presence on social networks.

Shawn then began to speak poetically about the role music plays in his life.

“I think that when I make music, the ultimate goal is to sit there and reveal my own truth. A lot of the time when I’m writing songs, I use music as a platform so I can get to a place in myself that I couldn’t get to just by talking to people or thinking about it, ” Mendes said.

His comments came after his ex-girlfriend Camila withdrew from social media. On Sunday, she informed her 60 million followers on her Instagram that she would be ‘offline’ by the end of the year. 

‘I’m going for a little detox on social media until the new year,’ Camila wrote.

Although she took a short break the singer remained very busy during the holidays. Last week, she performed a mariachi version of the holiday classic I’ll Be Home For Christmas for US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the White House.

The former couple announced their breakup in a joint statement on Instagram. The statement read:

‘Hello everyone, we have decided to end our romantic relationship. We started the relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends. We really appreciate your support from the beginning and we are moving forward. ‘

Camila and Shawn have been dating since July 2019, shortly after their hit duet ‘Senorita’ was released.

The Canadian and Cuban became a couple in July 2019 and have been friends since 2014. They met while they were pre-bands to American musician Austin Mahone.

In November 2015, Mendes and Cabello released the joint song “I Know What You Did Last Summer”.

Rumors that they were a couple began to follow them soon after the release of the said song, and especially intensified when in June 2019 they released the joint song “Señorita” and the accompanying video full of hot scenes.

For years, Mendes and Cabello have resolutely rejected rumors that they are a couple.

Interestingly, as soon as Mendes and Cabello confirmed their relationship, many began to doubt the authenticity of their alleged love.

Mendes told TMZ in September 2019 that their relationship was not a “promotional tool” but a real one.

Mendes and Cabello were willing to show their love on social media despite the interested public doubting the sincerity of those posts.





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