She is back! Billy Eilish: New transformation!

She is the most famous teenager in the world. Actually, she was, as she is not a teenager anymore, she is 20 years old now.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is proof that talent can break through without labels and traditional promotion. Billie is also the proof that you can hide your body and still become a star. She wears baggy oversized clothes and does not show off even though we all know she could. The Ocean Eyes singer uses her voice and usually shows only her face to enchant us all.

The “Bad Guy” singer has 99.8 million followers on Instagram, and she likes to experiment. Eilish always manages to surprise her fans with her music, and her transformations – What do you think? What did she do NOW?

She used to wear her hair at shoulder length, then she cut it short. She had fluorescent highlights for several months, and then, she decided to dye her hair blue. Then she dyed it blond, and we simply can’t decide which is better for her!

However, when she got bored of her blonde hair, she decided to make a change again, and dye it black. Of course, Billie had to share her new hair colour with her fans, so she showed it off on Instagram. We are seriously baffled, as she can pull off literally any colour.

The singer announced the return to black to her fans, who complimented her on the new look after the selfie was published, and everyone pointed out that they liked her change.

There is no need to quote the comments, 8.785.258 people liked her photo so far. To put the numbers into perspective, in less than 24 hours the number of likes is almost as big as the population of New York City (8.85 million people)

Billie won seven Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards, one Guinness World Record, a Golden Globe Award, three MTV Video Music Awards, and two Brit Awards. The list of her awards is very long, actually, she won 67 of them so far, and she will continue to add to the list for sure. She was only 13 when she became a global star and we cant wait to see how will she, and her carrier develop in the future. She started her journey in her and her brother’s room, where they recorded her first songs, and put them on SoundCloud, “just for fun”. Just a month before her birthday in 2015, on November 18, Billie released her first big song, “Ocean Eyes”. The song was actually written for Fineas’s band, but he figured out that it was a better fit for Billie. And from there, Billie started writing history!





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