Shiloh is desperate to see her father!

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In the fight for the separation of the actors, the children have been left in the care of their mother. Of the couple’s 7 children Shiloh has most resented the distance with the actor.

So far, however, most has been written about Shiloh, who is one of their three biological children from their failed marriage. Namely, it was rumored for a long time that Shiloh wanted to be a boy, and for years she dressed in wide, men’s clothes.

As the first biological child of Brad and Angelina, Shiloh found herself under the magnifying glass of the public from birth, and she began to attract even more attention when it came out in the public that she felt like a boy, when she was only two years old. Brad discovered this during a visit to Oprah back in 2008. ‘She wants us to call her John. John or Peter. I think it’s because of Peter Pan.” 

This news about her need to see her father come in the middle of the upcoming holiday season. According to magazine sources, Shiloh, 15, is estranged for a time from her father.

According to reports, Shiloh is the only member of the family who is still daddy’s girl. Sometimes, Shiloh is the only one that does not seem to be willing to give up on Brad.

The source also said, “Brad tried really hard to fix things, but Maddox and even Pax blame him for the family fallout and refuse to see him.”

“It’s only Shiloh who stands up for her dad. She really wants everyone to spend Christmas together, and she’s having a hard time accepting that it doesn’t happen. “

Before concluding, the source also noted: “Brad hopes that one day he and Angelina will find a way to forgive each other and move on, for the good of the children, at least. He hates all bad blood. “





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