Shock: A new photoshoot of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's photograph is most likely inspired by the famous painting of Sir John Everett Millais.

Shock: A new photoshoot of Brad Pitt

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Hollywood actor and favorite of the female part of the audience, Brad Pitt, is officially one of the most beautiful people in the world and delights ladies with every public appearance, but the latest one definitely did not cause sighs. Namely, Pitt's face adorned the latest issue of GQ magazine, and the photo is anything but ordinary! The actor posed in the water, surrounded by flowers, and his facial expression is "frozen", and many on social media commented that he looked like a dead body.

"Did he die?", "Who would have thought to tell him he should pretend to be a corpse", "You have Brad Pitt in front of you and you paint him like this, this is terrible", "GQ, I'll never give you this sorry "," If only he had taken off this disgusting shirt "... are just some of the comments of shocked fans of the famous actor.

Brad Pitt's photograph is most likely inspired by the famous painting of Sir John Everett Millais, an English painter who completed "Ophelia" in the middle of the 19th century - a portrait of a young woman dying. The main motif of this painting is Ophelia, Shakespeare's character from "Hamlet", as she sings on her deathbed in a Danish river. 

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Under the title "Brad Pitt open about his dream world", GQ published a confession of the famous actor in which he admitted what dreams have haunted him for years. “For four or five years, my most dominant dream was being stabbed. That would always happen in the dark, at night, while walking through the park or on the street. I would fall under a street lamp, like the one in "Devil's Exorcist", and someone would jump up and stab me in the ribs” - Brad shared and revealed that he would sometimes dream of someone following him before the attack.
The actor also spoke openly about his AA meetings, which he attended for a year and a half. As he pointed out, what he heard and saw then changed his life. “I have heard the life stories of other people who have reached the bottom and that is simply awful for me” - Pitt pointed out.

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