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If you’re a lover, you can now get fresh Maine lobster delivered right to your door. This online lobster service is a convenient and affordable option for lobster lovers and a great alternative to traditional seafood restaurants.

Its site is also super informative and service oriented for even the most novice cook. It includes a detailed handling and care instructions, as well as a glossary of seafood terms, so you can be prepared for any situation!

Fresh Maine Lobster Delivered to Your Doorstep

Whether you’re looking to send lobster as a gift or a delicious dinner for your family and friends, it’s easy to find the perfect seafood delivered right to your doorstep. Many lobster companies offer overnight shipping to ensure that your lobster arrives fresh and ready to cook.

While most lobster lovers order whole live lobsters, you can also find pre-cooked options for those who are short on time or if you’re craving a quick lobster fix. These Maine lobsters come in a variety of sizes, from 1.25-2 pounds and can be shipped to your door with no hassle.

In addition to ordering fresh lobster, Lobsters Online has options for shipments of tails and rolls and full dinner spreads for two, four and six people. This company also offers a range of other seafood items like bisques and chowders.

Variety of Lobster Options

There are a lot of options for lobster lovers out there. From selects and culls to a wide variety of value-added products, there’s something for everyone!

New-shell lobsters are easy to crack open and their meat is sweeter than hard shell lobsters. They also have water in their shells that can be used to flavor stocks and bisques.

Clawed lobsters are the most common and are known for their impressive claws, which they use to rip up prey. They also tend to live for a long time, and can reach 50 years old!

If you’re not a fan of claws, you could opt for a spiny lobster species from California or Florida. Scripps Institution of Oceanography graduate Kate Masury claims these lobsters are more popular in China than their cold-water counterparts, which is why they’re often priced higher per pound.

The South African lobster is another interesting choice for those who don’t like claws. This lobster is actually a cold-water lobster that lacks claws, which makes it seem like a warm-water lobster, but in reality they are both.

Customer Service

One of the perks of purchasing lobster online is the ability to communicate with an actual person. Not only will you have a chance to ask questions about your order, but you’ll also have an opportunity to chat with a live customer service rep when the opportunity arises. This is especially useful if you are in a hurry to make your delivery, or if you’re not too sure what you ordered and need to get a handle on the situation before it gets out of hand.

While the name-brand may not be able to match the price tag, the quality of their product and the attention they pay to their customers is second to none. We even found a number of high-end restaurants that use their service to stock their snazzy new upscale kitchens! For your next dinner party, think about using to wow your guests with a savory meal they’ll be sure to remember!

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