Simon Cowell proposed to his girlfriend

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Simon Cowell, 62, got engaged to his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, 44, after an eight-year romance.

He asked the question while they were on holiday in Barbados during the New Year, in front of their son Eric (7) and Lauren’s son Adam (16).

Previously he insisted that he doesn’t believe in marriage, but it seems Cowell reconsidered his views after falling in love with Lauren who was surprised by the proposal.

“Lauren was absolutely stunned and never in a million years had she expected Simon will ask a question. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes and she obviously said ‘yes’ right away. “ said a source for the media.

“She has been Simon’s rock for the past few years, supporting him when he broke his back, and in everything in general. They are a wonderful couple ” their friends commented and added that Simon and Lauren have been together for a long time and adore each other, so it is not a big surprise that they got engaged.

Simon met Lauren when she was still married to a millionaire, entrepreneur Andrew Silverman. In late July 2013 when news of Lauren’s pregnancy surfaced, their affair became public.

“I’m not proud of the circumstances in which it all happened, but I can’t escape it. We didn’t plan the pregnancy, but I was happy and I went with her for the first ultrasound. I felt incredibly protective of her and the baby. I’ve never felt anything like it, ”Simon admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Simon has previously stated that he does not believe in marriage and that he worries about what will happen to his wealth if he marries.

Recall, Simon has been an unavoidable face of British and American television for 20 years. He worked as a jury member on ‘X Factor’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’, and was supposed to be on the new music show ‘Walk The Line’.

However, due to a severe accident in May when he fell off an electric bicycle in his backyard in Malibu, he has now decided to dedicate himself more to his son Eric and partner Lauren. 

The surgery lasted six hours, and there was a fear that he would become paralyzed and unable to walk. After the accident, he did not appear in public too much. 

English entrepreneur and talent scout drives the fans wild with his sharp commentary style and production skills once again after announcing a new project. Having decided to shut down the legendary music show “X-Factor”, thus disappointing fans around the world who have enjoyed the show for 17 years, he seems ready for a whole new genre. Cowell is reportedly already working on the entire new show format and is looking for potential talents to participate in the project. Cowell’s fortune is estimated at around £ 385 million and he owns a number of fast engines and expensive cars such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Eagle Speedster, £ 1 million Bugatti Veyron, and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. He believes that creating a program that explores his love for such cars would be an absolute hit especially because this is no new area for him.





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