Singer PSY returned with new music!

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He explains that he worked on this album for a long time and with a lot of attention, and he was helped by many young performers.

South Korean singer, rapper, but also music producer PSY has released after a long break – the ninth album with 12 songs, on which, as he told the media, he “worked long and with much attention”. He is especially happy that a lot of young people worked together with him and helped him get back to his passion.

Rapper Suga from the band “BTS”, however, played one of the most important roles there, as a co-producer of the project.

At the press conference in Seoul, during which he spoke about the PSY 9th album, he added that he recorded some videos two or three years ago, in the hope that he would present everything to the public earlier.

The new hit, as many already call it, and which he recorded with a young co-producer, is called “That That” and like the former “Gangnam style”, is accompanied by simple choreography, which is already repeated on social networks by users with all over the world.

Suga contacted me last year. Not as a member of “BTS”, but as a producer, Min Yoon-gi. He only told me that he had a song for me. And I, as soon as I heard it, was fascinated” – he explained, pointing out that the young man worked as a composer and arranger on other songs.

Seven other young artists collaborated with me on this project. Everyone gladly accepted my invitation, which is really great for me. In a sense, I am no longer so young, and we still managed to find a common ground” – he concluded.

Check out his new hit “That That” in the video below and let us know what you think. Enjoy and try not to dance!





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