Six best holiday movies for the whole family!

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When the gifts from under the Christmas tree have long been unpacked, the belly filled with Christmas treats, and a comfortable sofa or armchair seems to be the most desirable place in the world, it is a sign that it is time to start the screening of the Christmas movie. But which one to choose? We have some ideas.

You can, of course, go with an easy one and again watch Kevin, who stubbornly remains alone at home, but maybe it’s time to try something else? After all, there are a lot of films about Christmas joy and you do not have to limit yourself to this one title. If you still do not have enough Christmas magic pouring out of the screen, then this set will be another hit gift.

I will immediately point out that the choice was not simple. The library of movies around Christmas, with themes of Christmas, Santa Claus, elves, gifts, and traditional customs, is huge. Limiting yourself to 6 Christmas movies was therefore quite a challenge. There is a place for family titles for the whole family, animation, but also slightly more serious titles, which are connected with the others only by the time in which the action takes place. The feeling in them is completely different. But let’s not drag it out any longer – here’s our list of movies for the holidays on Netflix.

The best Christmas movies for Christmas

  1. Klaus
  2. A Boy Called Christmas
  3. Shaun lamb: Awesome Christmas
  4. Christmas Chronicle 1&2
  5. Love trap
  6. Eternal single


It is best to start from the beginning. Where did the Christmas tradition of giving gifts come from in the first place? How is it that every year under the Christmas tree you can find a trifle, the only task of which is to bring a smile to your face? Even the smallest gift is proof that there is goodness, empathy in the world, and the other person is not an enemy, an opponent. He does not necessarily have to wish us bad and want our destruction. This is the same person who wants closeness, desires feelings, joy, even if the fear of their absence masks aggression. Klaus” is another attempt to reinterpret the well-known story of Santa Claus but in completely new clothes and circumstances. It shows what our world would look like if a man were actually a wolf to man and why it is better to prevent it from happening. This animated film is worth watching with the whole family. And adults and children will find something for themselves in it.

A Boy Called Christmas

I like to say that we value above all those stories that we already know, we just have to tell them anew. “The Boy Called Christmas” is the best example of this. It has a good chance of becoming another Christmas classic that will be watched every year by whole families. We will find here both an explanation of the most important Christmas traditions, characters, and customs, a warm family story, humor, and the necessary dose of positive message. And as if that was not enough, the whole story is told by Maggie Smith, that is, the unforgettable Violet Crowley from the series “Downton Abbey”.

Shaun the sheep: The flight before Christmas

Are there fans of a sheep named Shaun in the room? This unruly pet can easily and gracefully amuse entire families and reach the heart of the youngest and oldest members. This time we can watch, which also makes us celebrate the upcoming Christmas. If every film was filled with such a dose of humor, warmth, and unpretentious feeling, then our world would definitely be a better place. If for some reason you haven’t had the opportunity to watch Shaun’s adventures yet, this will be a great opportunity to catch up.

Christmas Chronicle 1 & 2

We return to the topic of Santa Claus. After all, it is necessary to finally decide what kind of gentleman he is, and above all to obtain the irrefutable proof that he actually exists. In the “Christmas Chronicles” this role fell to Kurt Russell and even for him (or at least for his impressive beard) it is worth watching this film. There is a lot going on here, there are well-known and liked motifs, there are twists and turns (more or less expected), there is a festive atmosphere and a happy ending (well, after all, it’s no spoiler). And for dessert, the second part. Just for the next day of the holidays.

Love Hard

If you still do not have enough of the Festive climate, then another proposal should satisfy this appetite. This is one of the most popular movies on Netflix at the end of 2021, which fits perfectly into long, cool evenings. “Love Hard” is a romantic comedy in which we will find new technologies (dating app), (un)expected twists, characters from completely different worlds that seemingly do not fit together, a festive atmosphere, some obligatory clichés, a handful of accurate observations about modern relationships, a pinch of humor and a surprising amount of charm. Successful recipe.

Single All the Way

Is Christmas the moment in life when it is easiest to find your significant other? A lot of Hollywood productions are trying to convince us of this, and ” Single All the Way” is another example of this. And where is this love most often hidden according to the screenwriters? So close that we couldn’t see it before. This is how the fate of Peter will turn out, who, wanting to avoid further questions from his family when he finally finds someone permanently, decides to invite his best Nick to the family Christmas to play the role of his boyfriend. As you can easily guess, the family will quickly see through this masquerade, and what’s more, they will come to the conclusion that these two actually fit together. All they have to do is convince them of this. Sound familiar? And yes, maybe only the decorations have changed slightly to more rainbow, but otherwise, it’s a good old romantic comedy.

Christmas movies for the whole family

I’m very curious what you’re watching at Christmas. Maybe your tradition is not one of the typical Christmas movies, but something completely different. A title that for another reason you associate with this time, which evokes positive associations in you, evokes pleasant memories and transports you to the good old days. For some, it may be “Glass Trap”, for another “The Deluge”, and yet another person will say that they can not imagine Christmas without a screening of “Pulp fiction”. We can be beautifully different and this is what we wish all of you.





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