After six years of waiting, the date for Adele’s new song has been released: it seems from the teaser that she will remain loyal to her recognizable expression

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After weeks of thoughtful marketing toying with fansAdele has finally announced her return. Her new single, the first from her fourth album, ‘Easy on Me’, is set to be released on October 15, the singer posted on Instagram.

For the first time in six years, Adele is releasing a new song, and judging by the few tens of seconds posted on her profile, she will retain her distinctive style. The video shows a singer inserting a cassette into a car radio and driving while the wind is blowing and moving a sheet of music. The video was filmed in black and white and we do not hear a single verse of the song in it, but only the piano background.

That instrumental introduction, unless made just as a teaser, which we doubt, is very reminiscent of her ballads, especially ‘When We Were Young’ which made her the best-selling female artist of the century in the UK.

It was also to be expected that the singer would not change her musical expression much and go in the direction of ‘drum and bass’ as she joked with reporters when they excitedly questioned her when her new album could be expected and what it would be like.

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The singer’s life has been quite turbulent on a private level as well, which is important considering that her lyrics reflect her real love joys and sorrows. She divorced her husband Simon Konecki, with whom she has an eight-year-old son. Now she is in a relationship with American sports agent Rich Paul. We don’t know how it will fit into her verses, but we have no doubt that it will be good.

Adele also underwent a great physical transformation during that period. In ‘Saturday Night Live’ she talked about her appearance. “I know I look really, really different from when you last saw me. But actually, due to all the restrictions related to Covid, I had to travel with only a few things and could only bring half of myself. And this is the half I chose,” she joked at his own expense.

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Despite once saying that she does not intend to continue the tradition of naming her number-based albums, it is speculated that the new title will still come out under the title “30“, following “19” from 2008, “21” from 2011, and “25” from 2015. This is indicated by the recent update of social media profiles that now coincide with a mysterious global advertising campaign in which the number 30 is projected onto major landmarks of major cities including Tate Modern and Brooklyn Bridge.

Although the release date of the entire album has not been announced, fans assume that the possible date is November 19, when the new album Taylor Swift was supposed to be released.  Since she postponed the release to November 12, it is suspected that she did so due to a possible overlap with another pop giant.

Listen to the teaser here!

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