Skirts are back!

The time has come for the skirts to see the light of day again, and here are the 6 most popular ones for the summer of 2021.

Skirts are back!

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It's time to take out all the pieces you kept for better days from your wardrobe.

The beginning of June officially means that skirts are returning to the streets. But also joy. Summer. Good vibes.

Wondering which skirts will be the most popular this summer? We are here to help you.

Longer days and lush gardens are the official heralds of spring, while airy fabrics and free silhouettes are the first sign of another fashion season. Although we know that long dresses are your most common choice for warmer weather, do not underestimate the power of skirts. Just like dresses, they are comfortable, fluttery, and if you are lucky - floral. Play with prints, folds, and cuts, because - the more unusual, the more impressive.

If you have fallen into the office routine and performing the daily duties these days, we suggest what makes each of us happy - shopping! The list includes one denim skirt for day and evening, one knitted for the beach, and one with a clubbing hemline. Okay, and a few more, because we can't separate the feeling of comfort, freedom, and femininity that they carry.

Discover the 6 skirts you must have this spring and get inspired for a flawless outfit.

1. Texas skirt

As the fashion of the nineties returns, the long denim skirt is no exception.

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2. Mini-skirt

Ignore the rules. Enjoy youth, beauty, and summer, all that matters is that you feel good in your skin.

3. Woolen skirt

If you are going to work, this is the perfect skirt for the occasion, because it gives you a note of elegance, but it is also chic.

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4. Voluminous colorful skirts

Layers, ruffles, patterns - let it all hint at joy (and luxury)!

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5. Skirts with a split

We have a favorite for the first outing in June! Combine it with a simple top and heels, and shine.

6. Wrap skirts

In addition to being the easiest to wear, they follow another important summer trend: animal print. Leopard, zebra, or crocodile - choose the one you like best!

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers