Sonos Ray, a compact and affordable sound

Photo Credits : Sonos/Promo

Sonos products have long been associated with high-end character and quality, especially following the brand’s recent minor price bump. However, the Sonos Ray, which is described as the company’s most cheap soundbar to date, appears to be taking a step back.

The Sonos Ray, a soundbar with a more compact design, preserves the brand’s attractive look, with rounded edges and remarkable simplicity in terms of its front and controls, as well as two color options in black and white tones.

They will readily fit into any space. Four Class-D digital amplifiers, two Midwoofers, and two Tweeters are hidden inside the design, ensuring high-quality reproduction for any frequency and tone. However, just because it’s a smaller and less expensive device doesn’t mean it’s devoid of interesting features.

Photo Credits: Sonos/Promo

The Sonos Ray, for example, has specialized waveguides that assist project sound throughout the room, as well as a Bass Reflex System that generates balanced bass, a voice enhancement function that improves playback clarity, and a night sound mode that lessens the intensity of louder noises.

However, it will undoubtedly draw attention to the lack of some features seen in other of its soundbars, such as integrated microphones, Dolby Atmos support, and HDMI connectivity.

However, it is currently unknown whether this gadget will receive a future update that will include Sonos Speech, the company’s own voice assistant.

Although we will continue to have WiFi connectivity, we will be able to utilize the Sonos Ray through any of the devices connected to the same network, as well as directly access the most popular music streaming services. Other connection methods, such as an optical input, are also available on the rear.

The Sonos Ray soundbar will be available for purchase on the brand’s website starting June 7 for a reasonable price of 279 dollars.





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