Soon: Documentary series ‘I am Georgina’

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Georgina Rodriguez (27) leads a luxurious life filled with travel and collaborations with famous brands. We will soon learn more about her privacy and relationship with her fiancé, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (36).

‘Many know my name, few know who I am,’ Georgina said in a new trailer for her documentary series ‘I Am Georgina’ which airs on January 27 on Netflix.

” Cristiano Ronaldo‘s mother, influencer, entrepreneur and partner – in this deep and emotional portrait of her daily life,” the announcement said. Earlier, some details of the series were revealed, which intrigued the public.

Georgina said she was eagerly awaiting her wedding to the footballer, and spoke about what Ronaldo is like when the cameras go off.

‘Cristiano is a great dad and the best husband I could ever dream of. But he doesn’t cook. After everything he does, he deserves to have a delicious dish prepared with a lot of love waiting for him on the table. We have a chef, but sometimes I cook. When he’s gone, let’s treat ourselves to some meals he doesn’t like or don’t consume. True, Cristiano also eats pizza, but only once a week after which he does a lot of sit-ups. I like to surprise him sometimes with what he likes, yet when he’s gone, we can all eat. Sometimes we can’t wait for him to leave, ‘ she said.

She discovered something else. ‘If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb that is almost 20 meters from the ground because we have high ceilings? Better not. Let him take care of himself and dedicate himself to what he does best, and I will take care of the rest. I can do everything and I like to take care of my house and family ‘, said the model who should take the footballer’s last name in the future.

After that, many commented that her life resembled a golden cage. She also said she wants to marry Cristiano.

” I hope so, but it’s not up to me,” she said. But as the Spanish media explained, it is ultimately the footballer’s mother Dolores Aveiro who decides, and in September she announced that she was not happy with his choice.

She believes that Georgina doesn’t like Cristiano but only sees in him a great income. Dolores doesn’t even try to hide her opinion. It is speculated that the rest of the family has the same attitude as Ronald’s mother, who is ready for anything so that there is no wedding between the footballer and the model. But at the same time, Dolores said she gets along nicely with Georgina.

This is not the first time Cristian’s mother has hampered the progress of his relationship, and the public especially remembers his ex-girlfriend, Russian beauty Irina Shayk (35), with whom he broke up in 2015. The couple fell in love in 2010. after meeting on a commercial for a well-known brand. Five years later they announced that they had broken up and then rumors were circulating that the model was not on good terms with Ronaldo’s mother with whom he is very close and appreciates her opinion.





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