Steve Urke’s amazing transformation from favorite nerd to hot muscleman

Jaleel Ahmad White, who once portrayed one of our favorite nerdy TV characters, looks a lot different today.

Steve Urkel, the legendary nerd from the series “Family Matters”, was embodied by American actor Jaleel Ahmad White.

The role of the eccentric Steve secured him eternal fame, but also a curse that everyone remembers him for that role, so many are surprised to see that the actor, who is 44 years old today, looks much different in real life.

But White does not shy away from the popularity brought to him by this sympathetic character.

I adore him. I always get amazing comments from flight attendants around the world. I love him for that,‘ he said in an interview with Fox News.

He appeared in several more series but never reached Steve Urkel’s fame again. Today, he exercises regularly and likes to brag about his hulky body on Instagram.

He is also happy to share photos on Instagram with his 12-year-old daughter Samaya, whom he got with his ex-partner, actress Bridget Hardy.

This year, the actor launched its own line of cannabis products called ItsPurpl.

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