Stop right now! These mistakes can damage your hair

Photo Credits : Ali Pazani/Unsplash

Dyeing, styling hair with hot devices, and even weather conditions, can negatively affect our hair.

But there are daily care habits that help us keep our hair shiny and healthy. However, you probably don’t even think about everything that is bad or you simply forget to take care of some things. There are many bad habits that hairdressers often notice that many of us have and sometimes we are not aware of them.

We bring you the 5 most common mistakes below …


You have already set aside hours for washing your hair, applying conditioner or mask, various hair treatments, oils, ampoules, and so on. After all that, you might think you already have enough products in your hair and wonder if you really need to apply another one for heat protection? The short answer is yes. Using heat protection products protects your hair from the high temperatures of your hairdryer, iron, and curler.

Many women often forget about this very important item that protects the hair and keeps it healthy. It is useless to invest all the effort in hair care with conditioners and treatments, and then use a styling device. Heat protection products act as a barrier between hair styling tools and your hair. They form a protective layer around your hair, minimizing the damage that excessive heat can cause.


If the hairband is a permanent part of your wrist, after a while you could start to see signs of so-called traction alopecia. Frequent hair pulling causes this hair loss condition. This slow but stable hair loss is becoming more common and is most commonly associated with models and ballerinas who often have tightly pulled and raised hair. The process often begins with a halo of short hair along the hairline, and those broken hairs become thinner or fall out completely over time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should never wear a ponytail or a bun, but choose looser versions at the lower part of your head. The messy braid is also ideal because it distributes the tension on the scalp more evenly. 


The secret of boring and lifeless hair is to use the same shampoo from year to year. For shiny hair full of life, it is necessary to change the shampoo regularly. Sometimes your hair gets used to the shampoo you use all the time, and different shampoos will help it recover and it will be easier to style it.

It is good to have several different shampoos for different purposes, such as hair hydration shampoo, shine shampoo, shampoo that is specially created for colored hair, and volume shampoo. Then just change them for the best results.


Experts say that you should take care of your hair in the same way as you take care of your face. Many often say that they do not have time for a mask for deep hair care, and all that you need to do is apply the mask on the hair before any activity that allows you to wear it wrapped in a bun for at least an hour.

After that, you just take a shower and take care of your hair in the usual way – it will be grateful. It will shine much more, and the hairstyle will last longer.


Scalp care is just as important as hair care, if not more important. Hair grows from follicles in the scalp so it is no wonder that healthy hair only grows from a healthy scalp. Excessive use of heavy products can lead to the accumulation of products on the scalp resulting in clogging of the follicles.

Washing your hair daily can cause the scalp to dry out, leading to irritation and flaking, while insufficient washing allows the accumulation of products, dirt, and natural oils on the scalp. Try to find a routine that suits your scalp to maintain a balanced moisture level. A moisturizing shampoo can help with dry scalp, while a clarifying shampoo can help remove accumulated dirt, oil, or products.





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